L'uomo moderno crede di perdere "il tempo" quando non fa le cose in fretta; eppure non sa che cosa fare del tempo che guadagna, tranne che ammazzarlo.
Erich Fromm

“Contemporary Warriors”, the new solo exhibition by Vittorio Iavazzo

Republic of San Marino. The exhibition “Guerrieri Contemporanei” by Vittorio Iavazzo will be inaugurated on November 18th at Onofrio’s Square in San Marino.  After the successful staff at the Galleria Moderna in Rome and the second place for the sculpture section at the Umbria International Biennale, Vittorio Iavazzo chose the Republic of San Marino to once again prove its important contribution to ‘contemporary art.[…]

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Official inauguration of “Icarus” by Vittorio Iavazzo

With the Icarus exhibition, Iavazzo returns to the Gallery Moderni by offering to the public one of the most famous Greek myths that encompasses the strength of being ever-present, despite being very ancient. With his works, the artist intends to give a different view of this myth, less rational and conceptual but more intractable as opposed to the discontent and unhappyness of a society that, on the contrary[…]

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Galleria Moderni: exhibition “Outcast” by young artist Vittorio Iavazzo

Iavazzo proposes to the public sculptures that describe the new role of “marginalized” in the consumer society, where the concept of “throwing and throwing” applies not only to things, but also to people and their relationships. A denunciation, through the powerful instrument of art, on the ever-evanescent and precarious future of the existence of contemporary […]

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